Secured On Blockchain (SOB) addresses the pervasive issue of counterfeit items and the challenge of verifying the authenticity of products. It provides a robust solution to ensure the differentiation between genuine and fake items, offering a reliable means of verifying a product's history and ownership.

1. Verification of Authenticity:

SOB leverages blockchain technology to securely store vital information about a product. This includes details such as age, provenance, pictures, serial numbers, and product identification. This wealth of information becomes a unique fingerprint for each product stored on the blockchain. Verifying the authenticity of a product involves comparing this stored information with the physical attributes of the item.

2. Ensuring Product History:

SOB preserves the history (provenance) of a product by recording every relevant detail on the blockchain. This comprehensive history is easily accessible and serves as an indisputable record of the product's journey from its creation to its current state. This transparency enhances consumer confidence and trust in the product's legitimacy.

3. Proof of Ownership:

The blockchain-based system of SOB ensures a secure and immutable record of ownership. Once a product is registered on the platform, its ownership can be tracked and verified by checking the blockchain. This provides users with a credible and tamper-proof way to prove their ownership rights.

4. Deterrence of Counterfeiting:

By implementing blockchain, SOB acts as a deterrent to counterfeiting. The transparency and security offered by the technology make it significantly more difficult for counterfeiters to replicate or manipulate the information associated with genuine products.

In summary, SOB plays a pivotal role in combating counterfeit products by providing a verifiable and secure means of authenticating product details, ensuring a comprehensive history, proving ownership, and discouraging fraudulent activities in the marketplace.

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