Supply Chain Management:

Some examples of Companies in the Supply Chain Management Industry

  1. IBM:

    • IBM has been a pioneer in exploring blockchain technology for supply chain management. The company offers solutions like IBM Food Trust, which uses blockchain to trace the origin and journey of food products throughout the supply chain. This helps in improving food safety, reducing fraud, and enhancing overall supply chain visibility.

  2. Walmart:

    • Walmart has collaborated with IBM and other partners to implement blockchain in its supply chain. The company has run pilot projects to track the movement of certain food items using blockchain technology. The goal is to create a more transparent and traceable food supply chain, enabling quicker identification and resolution of issues such as contamination.

  3. Maersk and IBM (TradeLens):

    • Maersk, one of the world's largest shipping companies, collaborated with IBM to create TradeLens, a blockchain-based platform for global trade. TradeLens aims to digitize and streamline the global supply chain by providing end-to-end visibility of shipments, reducing paperwork, and increasing efficiency in trade-related processes.

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